Let’s Work Together

S.T.E.W. (Soup the Ensley Way)

Ensley is in the midst of a renaissance.  All of our futures depend upon the full participation of community stakeholders.  STEW is an opportunity for Ensley to cultivate ideas and approaches to improve Ensley while enjoying a potluck dinner.

STEW works by inviting members of the community to pitch ideas to improve Ensley to an audience of its peers.  The audience donates five dollars upon entry. The audience votes on the idea that it likes best. The winning idea receives the proceeds of the entrance fee to support the idea. The event ends with a cultural arts performance by a member of the community who expresses the sentiment of the community. In the inaugural STEW, The Color Project Ensley received funding to purchase gravel for a contemplation path for the garden on 19th & Avenue D. 

STEW is important because it activates the community and actively involves community members in actively engaging in community change.  The community gets to know others that are seeking change. This event brings traffic and awareness to the merchant district.